VitaStik Worldwide | Creators of VitaStik Released their Newest Flavors and Formulas in July 2016

July 12, 2016


VitaStik Worldwide | Creators of VitaStik Released their Newest Flavors and Formulas in July 2016


Here are some of the more exciting new product you can find on our web-store. 


Handsome :

With Damiana and Honey Goat Weed Extract.  Our Organic Cooling Coconut Waters blend the perfect tropical essential oils with Damiana Extract, to provide a taste and aromatherapy feeling that many users claim can instantly uplift the soul.  According to people have been inhaling Damiana for centuries, since the ancient Mayans. 

Damiana was included in several 19th-century patent medicines, such as the original Coca-Cola

Damiana is a small shrub that produces small, aromatic flowers, with potent essential oils, sweet fruits similar to figs, and strong spice-like odors somewhat like chamomile.

The research suggests that taking a specific combination product containing ginseng, vitamins, might improve sexual satisfaction, increase orgasm frequency, in men and particularly women with sexual problems who are interested in improving their sex lives.

For our patent pending formulas, we mix it with Ginseng, B12, and our Vitamin Base Formula, then we add our Handsome Cooling Coconut Waters and Essential Oils, to wrap it up in a nice aromatherapy package never before available. 

You can check it out by clicking here : VitaStik Handsome Formula


Sleep Formula :

Lavender and Vanilla Essential Oils mixed with 5mg of Melatonin can help provide the perfect aromatherapy setting for a healthy nights sleep.  Further enhanced with necessary vitamins for proper brain way function. 


VitaStik AllStar :

The Rechargeable VitaStik.  We brought  back the VitaStik AllStar  Vitamin Stick with refillable Flavor Capsules. 


VitaStik Originals

Finally we also brought back some of our old time favorites with Flora and Tonic, and our VitaBase Juices, sold in 15ml and 30ml vials. 

Please see our web store to purchase these all New Flavors and Formulas. 


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