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VitaStik the Vitamin Vaporizer has become world famous.  We are expanding our teams.  If you want to join Team VitaStik, you may do so by purchasing here at our Bulk Wholesale Pricing.  

We offer two different Bulk Wholesale Options :

1: VitaStik Party Pack - Good for small Retail Stores, this comes in three options : 
  • 15 Pack of 5 Original Formulas / Flavors
  • 15 Pack of 5 New Formulas / Flavors
  • 30 Pack of All 10 Formulas / Flavors

Each of these VitaStik Party Packs, are small, 3 x 5 x 1.5 inches.  The 30 Pack is double that size, still very small placement on any store counter next to a registrar.  They each come with a Pop Up Insert which turns the box into a mini display if you wish.  See images.  The VitaStik have a tremendous value yield with 2x - 4x minimum markup. 

2: VitaStik Wholesale - We have several pricing Tiers here :
  • 150 Sticks - 999 Sticks starting at ($825 USD, $5.50 per/stick)
  • 1000 - 10,000 Sticks



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