About VitaStik

About VitaStik

VitaStik - The Vitamin & Essential Oil Diffuser Stick was founded early 2014 in Beverly Hills California by Al Santos. Since then, millions of people have tried the innovative organic hand-held diffuser stick.  In late 2016 & 2017 other overseas companies sprung up trying to replicate the magic VitaStik has created.  But all have failed in our opinion as they seem to miss the heart & soul of the core product.

Santos formed the company with one soul premise in mind : a healthy & easy alternative to the diffusing, vaporizing, aromatherapy, and supplement markets. Each of these industries are rapidly growing. Each are separated from the other. Each is very intricate and complex with a long, tedious and expensive learning curve needed to become a master, or find what works best for you. Most people simply do not have the time, or money to spend buying, testing, and sampling the perfect combination of vitamins, essential oils, herbs, diffusers, or other devices. Furthermore, technology is changing so fast that even the industry is learning as we go.

VitaStik was created to take the complex guess work out of these industries and products. We spent over 2 years in costly research and development to find the perfect combination of Essential Oils, Herbs, Vitamins and Organic Flavors that work together to enhance the mood and overall wellbeing. We use only USDA certified ingredients and we are always improving our formulas and products.

In the last 4 years, we have taken the complexity, the learning curve, and the cost out of the Aromatherapy Diffusing markets. We created the most cost effective mood enhancement product to date, and we challenge all others to say that !

Our formulas are so pure and organic, you can literally drink them. In fact we do drink them, before selling or releasing any new formulas or batches. Our VitaStick as some people call it, is made from organic crushed fruits, flowers, herbs, essential oils, extracts, and nature's most perfect distiller ... H20 (water). They are stabilized in a 30% organic vegetable glycerine base which helps to organically preserve our organics. There are no chemicals, no synthetics, and no calories ...ever.

Each Vitamin Stick creates a warm and pure water vapor (like in a shower), that carries our formulas into the air surrounding you. Just a few activations of the organic Vitamin Stick fills a room for over 30 minutes, and can settle the soul instantly. The Essential Oils work to enhance the mood, while the vitamins and herbs work to create an internal benefit for the user and those in the nearby vicinity. 

Inhaling the healing organic waters, and then exhaling them via your nose, will immediately have a profound effect on your soul.

You can find the latest news about VitaStik on Social Media @VitaStik or at our Official World Store https://www.VitaStik.com

Note : beware of fakes or cheap knockoffs made overseas (they can be toxic). Be smart, buy direct. 


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