New VitaStik 2.0 Certifications

VitaStik 2.0 Certifications

The New VitaStik 2.0 is RoHs Certified

The New VitaStik 2.0 is CE Certified 

The New VitaStik 2.0 is FCC Certified 

The Google Drive Link below will take you to the New VitaStik 2.0 Certifications for the "The Vitamin & Essential Oil Diffuser." 

The Organic VitaStik 2.0 product is VERY different from the old 4 Dot VitaStik 1.0, VitaCig, VitaBon and AINOHA®. 

Those products are made in China (it says so on the box, see the images below for proof).  Those products are made using only 100% Synthetic Chemical Flavors, and 70% PG.  The FDA, and VitaStik Worldwide does not endorse the use of chemical based products.   

Whereas the New VitaStik 2.0 is made in the USA, in FDA cGMP compliant Labs, by professional chemists and doctors.  The VitaStik 2.0 is made using our Patent Pending Flavor Waters (H20), Therapeutic Essential Oils, and Organic Extracts (made from crushed fruits, flowers and herbs).  

No Chemicals, No Sugars, and No Synthetics are ever used in our product.  

We will be releasing more Vapor, and Liquid Reports and Tests in weeks to come regarding the possible benefits of the Newest VitaStik 2.0. 


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