All of our Vitamin Stick's have the same base vitamin formula.  Then we enhance each stick with a combination of well studied organic holistic wellness herbs, essential oils, and our Patent Pending flavor waters.
We offer 10 Exciting Formulas each with with a drastically different desired mood effect.

1: CALM: Green Tea, Vanilla, Ginger with holistic Valerian Root.  One of our Favorite's.  Everyday we get at least one customer sending us public reviews about how this formula helps them with their anxiety, PTSD, stress, or the like of.  It works great to calm the soul anytime of day or night.  (our white stick)

2: BREATHE: Menthol Spearmint with Eucalyptus and Basil essential oils.  We used to call this our Refresh VitaStik as some people say it likes chewing a refreshing piece of gum.  Great for people with Asthma, chest tightness.  Ex-smokers report claim to like this flavor most as it can replicate the effects of menthol, however it is a clean organic way to get the same effect.  (our green stick)

3: WELLNESS TONIC: Like a warm cup of grandma's tonic tea.  Ginger extract with Honey Chamomile with holistic wellness herb Reishi Mushroom.  If you love ginger, you will absolutely love this Vitamin Stick.  (our black stick)

4: HANDSOME: The World's only inhalable Aphrodisiac!  Cooling Coconut wtih Damiana and Horney Goat Weed.  Reviews of this formula have been tremendous.  Check out the verified customer reviews on Amazon.  (our tan stick)

5: SLEEP: Our sleep aid Vitamin Vapor Stick works amazing for those looking for an organic natural sleep aid.  Organic crushed Lavender and Vanilla is coupled with Melatonin and ancient Dream Herb.  Guaranteed to work better than any pillow or linen spray.  One of our Inhalable Flower Waters Line.  (our aqua stick) 

6: AMORE:  Inhale Healing Organic Rose Waters with a hint of Creamy Sweetness.  If you love the scent of fresh cut roses, or rose water hydrosols / misters, you will love this formula.  Great for any time of day.  Some report to use it before bed to fill the air in their bedroom with Sweet Rose Waters.  Makes the greatest Valentines gift.  One of our Inhalable Flower Waters Line.  (our pink stick)

7: ENERGIZE: Organic Citrus Waters similar to those used by athletes between games, enhanced with several citrus essential oils, B12 and Ginseng.  Many user love using this Vitamin Stick during lunch breaks or on their way to work.   (our orange stick) 

8: RELAX: Blackberry, blueberry, grape with Ylang Ylang essential oils.  This flavor is sweet is simple.  One of our most popular, especially overseas.  (our purple stick)

9: BEAUTY: Minty Watermelon with Rose Waters and Collagen. One of the most overall liked flavors, particularly by women.  It is subtly sweet and yet slightly minty and refreshing.  The Rose Oil Waters create a great beautifying effect around the whole face and body.  In Japan and Thailand they sell this formula as a subtle skin care product.  (our gold stick)

10: FLORA: This was our first Flower Inhale Stick.  Hibiscus Vanilla creates an incredible soothing effect.  Much like a warm cup of milk.  Sells out every month overseas.  (our blue stick)

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