How to use VitaStik ?

We recommend taking short, shallow, and slow inhalations.  Each inhalation should be exhaled via the nose for maximum aromatherapy effect.  We recommend pausing about one minute between each inhalations, to enjoy the moment, and allow the aromatherapy to work.  Our organic diffuser will instantly fill the air in the room around you with healing organics for up to 30 minutes with an improved wellness air.  We call this organic wellness air (the output of the VitaStik) "Enhanced Air".  There is no smoke, no chemicals and no calories in this Enhanced Air.  It is pure water vapor similar to water vapor in the air when taking a shower.  The water vapor is created from subtlety heating the organic waters in each vitamin diffuser stick which creates a refreshing pure inhalable water vapor.  Our formulas are heat stable because they are heat derived in a steam distillation process.  Furthermore we use specific low level heat components to power our Enhanced Air diffuser.  We make it our business to be the best, and the healthiest product in this space, and we challenge you or any other company to find or create something better than our Organic VitaStik!  

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