VitaStik Rainbow Discount Pack 5 Vitamin Flavors


Try either VitaStik 5 pack, and save!  Discounted 40%, and they come with free shipping in the USA, and only $6 shipping Worldwide.  

Enhanced Air

Just Vitamins + Therapeutic Essential Oils + Organic Flavored Water Vapors

The most simple Vitamin and Essential Oil Experience on the market!  The Vita Stick uses Water Vaporization Technology and couples that with Essential Oil Diffusing Technology, to bring you the world's most simple vitamin and aromatherapy product on the market.  

We offer 3 different Vita Stick Rainbow Discount Packs : 

The Original VitaStik 5 Flavor Pack contains : 1 Gold Beauty Formula + 1 Green Breathe Formula + 1 White Calm Formula + 1 Yellow Energize Formula + 1 Purple Relax Formula

The New VitaStik Flavor 5 Pack contains : 1 Creamy Rose Amore | 1 Ginger Tonic | 1 Lavender Sleep | 1 Handsome Coconut | 1 Hibiscus Flora 

We also offer the VitaStik Ultimate 10 Pack : This pack is best priced option to sample all 10 Flavors the New Organic VitaStik 2.0 has to offer.   

All VitaStik 2.0 are Organic and are filled with roughly 1 RDI (recommended daily intake) of Vitamin A, B, C, D, E, CoQ10 & Collagen.  They are also further enhanced with 40mgs of B12 or 2000% of the RDI. 


VitaStik Official Social Media can be found @VitaStik.  You can share your personal experience with your Vitamin + Essential Oil Diffuser using the hashtag #VitaStik 


WARNING : Do not buy from overseas knockoff imitation amazon, ebay sellers or other websites claiming to be original or Official VitaStik. is the ONLY maker of 100% organic and natural PG-Free, Nicotine-Free, Diacetyl-Free VitaStik's on the planet.  Made in the USA at our cGMP FDA compliant labs.  If you do not buy direct from us, you are most likely buying toxin filled Stik's.   We do not endorse, insure, or protect units bought anywhere other here at with our packaging, logos and UPC codes.

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