VitaStik AllStar Black Refillable Capsules



AllStar Black Refillable Capsules

Pick any Flavor Formula you like, and get a 5 Pack of Refillable Capsules.  To be used only with the VitaStik Kit. Please make sure you have a Kit before purchasing these refillable Capsules.  

We offer the Capsules in all of our Formulas.  Find your favorite, then stock up. The Capsules last for approximately 300 Activation's.  

Buy two or three packs, and mix and match Flavors for a night out on the town, or long day at the office.  


IMPORTANT : Please note, if the unit does not produce water vapors any more, it is empty.  Discard, and put on a new Capsule.  Do not continue to use, and do not attempt to refill the Capsule.  If you taste or smell a slight burnt smell, this means the Capsule is finished and dead.  Immediately replace it with a new Capsule.  Do not continue to use.  By purchasing this product, you acknowledge that you understand these user requirements. 

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