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We offer several levels of wholesale VitaStik Pricing

  • Tier #1 : 150 Stik Case - (10 Party Pack's or more)
  • Tier #2 : 1,000 Stik Case - No Credit Card transactions allowed. 


1:  All packages will be labeled, VitaStik ...The Vitamin & Essential Oil Diffuser.  Additionally, your countries customs may charge a very small import or duty tax.

2: All orders over $999.00 USD must be made via bank transfer, or bank wire.  No credit cards for orders over this price.  


Want to share the 10 most popular flavors with your customers, clients and friends?   Then VitaStik Party Pack is the perfect solution for you. 

If you are planning on Retailing the product in Store, or overseas, we recommend selling the units at $14.99 - €19.99, which would yield a $226 - €300 per/box. 


Warning : Do not buy from overseas knockoff imitation sellers or other websites claiming to be original or "Official VitaStik", VitaBon or AINOHA.  These sites are fake and they use chemicals, they are not natural based products. is the only maker of 100% organic and natural PG-Free, Nicotine-Free, Diacetyl-Free VitaStik's on the planet.  Made in the USA at cGMP FDA compliant labs.  We do not endorse, insure, or protect units bought anywhere other here at with our packaging, logos and UPC codes.

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