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Having a party or own a Store?  Want to share the 10 most popular VitaStik Flavors and Formulas with your friends or customers?  Love our Vitamin and Essential Diffuser?  Then the VitaStik 15 Stick or 30 Stick Party Pack is perfect for you. 


There are three versions of the VitaStik Party Pack : 

  • 15 Pack of the 5 Original Flavors (Beauty, Breathe, Relax, Calm, Energize) 

  • 15 Pack of 5 New Flavors (Amore, Handsome, Flora, Sleep, Wellness Tonic)  

  • 30 Pack of all 10 Vitamin & Essential Oil Flavors 

If you planning on Retailing our Vitamin Essential Oils Sticks in Store, or overseas, we recommend selling the units at $9.99 - £19,99 which would yield a $150 - £300 return on the 15x Pack.  And $300 - £600 for the 30x Pack. 

If you have a bigger bulk need or operation (more then 10 packs), contact us direct on the Join Us Page here for our worldwide partner pricing. 

Also check out our Custom Store Counter Top Display Units as well, they help to push sales as much as 300%. 


1:  We ship Worldwide!  Some countries customs may charge a small import or duty tax, this is your responsibility to pay this.   Be sure to provide a good email and phone number with your order in case Customs needs to contact you to deliver your product.  Once a package ships, it is out of our control.

2: All orders over $999.00 USD must be made via Bank Transfer method at checkout, or wire.  No credit cards for orders over this price. Select Bank Transfer at checkout if your order is over $999 USD.

3:  If you plan to buy more, or large quantities after sampling a few Vita Stick Party Packs, then leave a message and tell us about yourself in the Notes Section of Checkout.  

4:  The 15 Stick Original Flavor Party Pack comes with : 3 Golden Beauty - 3 Purple Relax - 3 White Calm - 3 Yellow Energize - 3 Green Breathe

5: The 15 Stick NEW Flavor Party Pack comes with : 3 Black Wellness Tonic - 3 Lavender Sleep - 3 Coconut Handsome - 3 Creamy Rose Amore - 3 Hibiscus Flora VitaStik

6: The 30x Stick Pack : comes with all 10 Formulas, 3 of each flavor.  



Breathe Enhanced Air with The Vitamin & Essential Oil Diffuser 

Just Vitamins + Therapeutic Essential Oils + Organic Flavored Water Vapors 

with 1 RDI (recommended daily intake) of Vitamin A, B, C, D, E, CoQ10 & Collagen. 


WARNING : Do not buy from overseas knockoff imitation ebay sellers or other websites claiming to be original or Official VitaStik or fake AINOHA products.  If they use the word VitaStik Official, they are fake and made in China with chemicals you do not want to be inhaling.  The FDA recently banned many of the chemicals used in these Chinese made Vitamin Sticks.  Read the box, if it says made in China, it contains toxic chemicals.  CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT IF YOUR VITAMIN STICK IS REAL

Be smart, and buy direct. is the ONLY maker of 100% organic and natural chemical-free, PG-Free, Smoke-Free, Nicotine-Free, Diacetyl-Free VitaStik's on the planet.  Made in the USA at our cGMP FDA compliant labs.  If you do not buy direct from us, you are most likely poisoning yourself and your customers.  We do not endorse, insure, or protect against units bought anywhere other then here at with our packaging, logos and UPC codes.

You can find the VitaStik Official Social Media @VitaStik. Or you can share your experience with the world's greatest Vitamin and Essential Oils Diffuser / Inhaler. 

Can't decide which flavors to select ? Check out the flavor comparison video  Indigenous Destiny made

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